Custom Commercial Kitchens

Custom commercial kitchens Tamworth

At Jascab, we understand that a commercial kitchen impacts every element of your enterprise – literally the heart of your business. 

A well designed, built and installed kitchen will maximise efficiency and profitability as well as allowing your teams to deliver the quality needed to ensure outstanding customer happiness.

We work across the New South Wales area and have delivered installations in far-flung spots like Mungindi and Moree, down to southern areas like Hunter, Newcastle, and Sydney. Please reach out to us to start designing your dream commercial kitchen!

Custom Commercial Kitchen Fit-Outs

We offer solutions for every type of commercial kitchen. You may need a fit-out for a restaurant or café, with custom cool rooms and trolleys, bespoke benches and sinks and special attention to the flow and efficiency of the space that works with the ebb and flow of the industry.

Alternatively, you may be seeking an improved way of working to better support your aged care facility – here the priorities may be weighted differently, with a need to offer enhanced ergonomics and comfort, alongside efficiency and functionality.

If your culinary dreams are on a smaller scale – you might be embarking on a Food Truck adventure – we can help with that too.

We’ll work closely with you to maximise space, ensure effective, hassle-free workflow and pay attention to unique considerations like truck ventilation.

Custom Commercial Fit-Outs

Whatever size custom commercial kitchen project you’re working on, Jascab offers three ways to get the very best solution. We’ll start with a design visit, where we’ll discuss what you need, how to make the space work as well as possible, along with budgets and other practicalities.

At every stage, from initial contact right through to the all-important installation day, we strive to offer open, smooth communications and make sure you’re delighted with every stage of the operation. 

Experience in Custom Commercial Kitchen

Jascab has served New South Wales for over a decade now - in that time, our team has worked hard to cultivate (and maintain) a record of excellence. We strive to exceed this reputation with every job that we take. All of our projects are an opportunity to outdo our past work, meaning we will always bring our A-game.

We are always willing to undertake projects that some might consider unusual because we believe the word ‘custom’ should not come with any limitations. We can help realise your custom commercial kitchen in full, which will go a long way towards making sure you stand out.

Whether you are designing for a new restaurant or any other food preparation station, it will always be made and moulded to fit the needs of your workforce and your customers. You will never get something generic or from a template because Jascab can and will ensure that every detail of your commercial kitchen is brimming with personality.

Proudly Australian Commercial Kitchens

Since Jascab is a local business focusing on Tamworth and the surrounding areas, our team believe that it is nothing short of vital to support local suppliers. For this reason, all of our products are sourced directly from Australia, and we would not have it any other way. This means that everything is optimised for the country’s unique conditions, which is especially important considering how hot kitchens can get when in use.

Commercial Kitchen Design

We’ll work closely with you to deliver the very best options for each element of your commercial kitchen. We’ll take care to work to local regulatory guidelines, so your kitchen meets all the necessary operating standards.

We champion open, clear communication at every stage – when we say there are no silly questions, we mean it!

Commercial Kitchen Builds

Our build will deliver the best solutions within your budget. We focus on function and efficiency and take great care to make every element of your custom commercial kitchen fit contribute to seamless day to day operations.

We understand the needs of the commercial kitchen environment and take great care to ensure the highest specifications possible.

Commercial Kitchen Installation

When the time comes for installation, we’ll make sure you’re fully prepared for how the schedule will run.

We’ll do our best to minimise disruptions to the business, and it goes without saying that we’ll communicate with you at every stage of the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the installation process take?

This will always depend upon the complexity of the design, but you will be given a full schedule so that you are always aware of how far along the project is. We can fully install medium kitchens for restaurants in a matter of days, but larger ventures (or ones where electrical services must be installed) might take weeks. Regardless, we work to reduce disruption as much as possible, so everything will only take as much time as brilliance needs.

What is your main priority when designing a custom kitchen?

Our priority is always to realise the kitchen that you want, down to the last detail. We have designed many kitchens (residential and commercial) as well as other projects over the years, and no two are the same – the final product will always be your own. It will balance every need your customers might have and also ensure your staff are given the space and comfort they need to work happily and work well.

Do your kitchens comply with all of the relevant legislation?

Of course! We want to ensure our clients can keep up with the best hygiene standards - and it all begins with the design. We have the experience and the dedication to ensure that all our kitchens are conducive to a positive environment that does not compromise health or safety.

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